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2016 P-Sea Software Co. Price changes

We have not changed the price of P-Sea WindPlot since 1993. Normally companies increase the cost of their products 10 to 15% per year to keep up with inflation. So 22 years we have not changed the price but if we did it would be over $13,000.00!
Of course we are not raising it that much but the proposed is a modest price increase from $695.00 to $895.00.
Other items will increase as well like the AIS option will increase to $125.00.
The home version P-Sea WindView will increase from $195. to $295.00.
Price for 32 bit upgrades (not updates)will increase from $100 to $195.00. Mircrosoft says they will keep Windows 10 for a while so there shouldn't be many more upgrades needed in the future.
The WindPlot manual will go from $35.00 to $45.00.
Key exchanges will increase from $150.00 to $179.00 (add $10 for shorter key).
The 6' 9 pin I/O cable will go from $70.00 to $89.00.

The good news is we are overstocked on the P-Sea FishFinder so these prices will drop from $449.00 to $395.00.
The 48 mile - 4' open array RADARpc is now only $2995 making it half the price it was.(Requires the purchase of the WindPlot radar option or stand-alone software)

New shorter USB key

Did you ever break your USB key?
Many have by tilting the laptop while it is plugged in.
So next time you need to exchange your key you should ask for the shorter USB key shown here, it should be pretty unbreakable.

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